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School Chairs / Stools

Poly Shell Tablet Chair Recycled

From R259.00 Ex Vat

Poly Shell Tablet Chair Virgin

From R289.00 Ex Vat

Lab Stool Plastic

From R179.00 Ex Vat

Lab Stool Supawood

From R179.00 Ex Vat

Poly Shell Recycled

From R83.00 Ex Vat

Poly Shell Virgin

From R93.00 Ex Vat

Poly Shell Seats Recycled

From R58.00 Ex Vat

Poly Shell Seats Virgin

From R75.00 Ex Vat

Student Chair Supawood

From R176.00 Ex Vat

Maxi Chair Recycled

From R74.00 Ex Vat

Maxi Chair Virgin

From R105.00 Ex Vat

Nico M

From R195.00 Ex Vat

Nico I

From R212.00 Ex Vat

Africa Chair

From R47.00 Ex Vat

Africa Chair Heavy Duty

From R57.00 Ex Vat

Africa Chair White Recycled

From R68.00 Ex Vat

Africa Chair White Heavy Duty

From R79.00 Ex Vat

Africa Chair Recycled Colours

From R59.00 Ex Vat

Africa Chair Recycled Colours Heavy Duty

From R65.00 Ex Vat

Africa Chair Virgin Colours

From R79.00 Ex Vat

Mac Stacker

From R279.00 Ex Vat

3/4 Back

From R389.00 Ex Vat

Full Back

From R399.00 Ex Vat

Half Back

From R379.00 Ex Vat

Mac Stacker With Tablet

From R499.00 Ex Vat

Visitors No Arms

From R419.00 Ex Vat

Visitors With Arms

From R449.00 Ex Vat

Integra Chair - Recycled

From R115.00 Ex Vat

Integra Chair - Virgin

From R139.00 Ex Vat